Empath Tips for Managing Your Energy Flows

Empath Tips for Managing Your Energy Flows

I discovered the term empath and all of a sudden everything made sense. After reading the book The Empath’s Survival Guide by Judith Orloff MD, I am certain that I am an empath. Some of the words she chose to describe being an empath I had been saying for years. I have always said I feel like an alien from outspace and like I don’t fit in in this world. She described this exact scenario in her book. In addition to being an empath, I also am diagnosed with bipolar.  I think the two go hand in hand.  My energy flows are often affecting by my empathy or other people affecting my energy.  I do not pretend to be an expert on all things empath. These are my personal tips.

Routines and lists help

I love routines. You don’t have to be boring and rigid, but having a morning and evening routine helps to keep your energy from going all over the place. It also helps create structure, and makes me feel more in control. I also love lists! Lists are perfect for dealing with anxiety, which empaths often struggle with. Checking things off your list releases dopamine. Empaths often crave dopamine. List-checking is a pretty healthy way to release dopamine.

Take advantage of your peak energy

We all have times of day where we perform best.  Some people are morning people and some people work and think better later in the day. We all have energy slumps too. Do you have a certain time of day where you always feel like taking a nap?  Follow your own energy rhythms and set your goals to coincide with when you have the most energy.

Everyone tells me to do things in moderation.  “Don’t push yourself too hard or you will burn out.”  What people fail to understand is that my energy flows in and out, regardless of how I pace myself.   I have learned to go with the flow, when I have energy I go with it.  I call my energy “blue energy“.  It is positive energy that fuels me. When I have it I use it and work on setting goals, writing lists and getting organized.  This helps me to be prepared for the slumps and low energy.

Mindful energy use

I anticipate my low energy days. This isn’t necessarily depression. I just have low energy.  I use the same concept I do with eating – eat when you’re hungry. Stop when you are full.  I don’t believe our bodies were designed to be in a steady state. For example, our body was designed for feast and famine.  This is why we store fat.  I believe our energy flows are much the same.  I listen to my own intuition and follow both my body’s needs and my spiritual needs.  I am mindful of my low days. Rather than feel defeated, I accept that this day is going to be a low day and focus on taking care of only what absolutely has to be done. Often our humongous lists of tasks we need to do can, in fact, wait till tomorrow. Be mindful of your energy and if you are low on energy, take care of yourself and rest mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Recognize other people’s energy

Have you ever felt randomly anxious or had insomnia and couldn’t put your finger on what was causing it?  I am sensitive to caffeine and stiumulants, but I am also sensitive to other people’s energy. When someone I love has anxiety I often feel it.  I have been up at night with insomia more than once because of someone else’s stress. When I start feeling random anxiety, I ask myself where is this coming from?  If I can’t figure out what it is, then it is almost always caused by someone else’s energy/stress.

Meditate and ground yourself

Some things I do to clear negative energy is I meditate.  I have my own technique for meditation and I also visualize and spend time with my spirit guides when I meditate. I have been practicing meditation for over twenty years and no longer follow a book or a guide on this.  If I am feeling blocked and can’t mediate, I will spend time in nature, or  grounding techniques I have learned.

Things that clear my energy blocks

  • Physically being in nature.  Some things that clear my energy is to spend time physically in nature. Feeling my feet in the grass, dirt, and even snow helps ground me. If it is raining I will go outside and feel the rain.
  • Making everything white.  Sometimes I will close my eyes and just imagine everything completely white. I will focus on everything being white.  It takes me some effort to do this but when I focus my mind on everything being white eventually I calm down and I feel grounded.
  • Pretend to be a tree or a plant. Turn yourself into a plant or a tree. Imagine yourself planted in the ground and feel physically connected to the earth. This techniques helps me clear my energy .
  • Put an invisible shield around yourself. I create an imaginary purple bubble around myself. It’s a forcefield that nobody can get in. While it is a visualization, it mentally helps me feel protected and safe

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Sharing your energy is a gift.  Use it mindfully.

One of the things that affects my energy is the fact that I try to fix other people. I cannot control everything other people do. I can only control me. I find myself getting very focused on other people, literally trying to give them my energy or solve problems that are actually their problems, not mine. Some nights I meditate and spend an hour sending someone all my positive energy. This takes something from me.  I love the gift I have to share my energy but I have to remember to give myself energy too.  Give energy when you have an abundance of it. Not when you are on an energy low.

Learn to embrace the fact that you can not fix everything. Some things are just things you have to live with.  When you find your energy being consumed by trying to solve a problem that involves another person, recognize that you can only work on your end of the problem.  Pour your energy into yourself and release the energy that is coming from the other person.