How to Make a Taurus Man Fall for You

How to Make a Taurus Man Fall for You

I am a little obsessed with astrology. Most people think astrology is a psuedoscience, but keep in mind that people have been interested in the stars since practically the beginning of time. Astrology is not a new “science” and I think there is something to it. I am a Leo and I act like a Leo. I don’t think this is because I was taught to be a Leo either. My personality fits my sign very well. In fact, I know the Leo personality well. I can usually spot another Leo by how many selfies they post on Facebook. LOL

How to know if a Taurus likes you

I like this sexy Taurus guy. When I first took an interest in him, I would have never in a million years guessed that he liked me. Even now that we have been talking a while, and he has told me he likes me, I still wonder how much he likes me. It drives me crazy! Taurus guys are slow and cautious. They don’t just jump in with anyone. How do you know if they like you? If they talk to you, they like you. If they kiss you, they like you.

Taurus can be emotional or moody

I didn’t know a lot about Taurus men when I started liking my guy. I was actually hesitant to get involved with a Taurus, until I met him. My mom reminded me that I dated a Taurus in high school. I also have had a Taurus or two like me before. The one thing that almost held me back from dating him was my experience with other Taurus men. The ones I have known have been extremely emotional, even more emotional than me. They are also so goal driven that once they set their mind on you, that’s it. They don’t like failure and will keep trying and persisting to get you. This was one of the reasons I was reluctant to get involved with a Taurus. I like my space. Still, I believe that Taurus men love hard and I, being a loyal Leo, was extremely attracted to the idea of a guy being devoted to me. In my heart, I know if he falls for me, than there is nothing he wouldn’t do for me.

Taurus men are very hard to read

As a Leo and ENFP, I am pretty expressive and easy to read. If I like you, you will know because I will tell you, and tell you, and tell you. I suck at dating and I don’t do dating games, like playing hard to get. I hate holding back so that someone can “chase me”. However, this Taurus guy is driving me bananas.

My Taurus is nearly impossible for me to “figure out” and I think that is part of what I like about him. I wanted to write something about how to make a Taurus fall for you so I did some serious research. I am crazy about this guy and he is very hard for me to read. I constantly feel like I am turning him off or he doesn’t like me. I tend to jump to conclusions because of how quiet his is about his feelings. He is not expressive. He is not a texter. And he is not a big talker either. I wanted to know what was going through that Taurus brain, and how I could make him like me more.

Why does my Taurus man not text me back?

I love this meme! I think it’s pretty spot on for Taurus.

So how do you make a Taurus man fall for you?

I searched the internet and discovered the Taurus Man Secrets. I have never bought an e-book in my entire life. I visited her website several times. I kept asking myself, do you really want to spend $37 on an ebook about a Taurus guy? Are you out of your mind? The thing is, we just started dating and I wanted to know him better. I don’t have a lot of experience with Taurus men and I am absolutely crazy about this guy. I want to keep him around. He is so hard for me to read that I felt like I needed a little insider information. After living with a Scorpio for years, and knowing a lot of Scorpios, I feel at ease with them because I know what to expect. But this guy, I have no idea what he is thinking, if he likes me, if this relationship is going anywhere… It’s been driving me nuts.

So, after reading this “secret” Taurus guide, I was actually really surprised because she described him so accurately. It was exactly the information I was looking for. I found it helpful, reassuring, and she gave me some good pointers on what he likes and doesn’t like. I have been having a lot of anxiety about how he feels about me, and reading her book really helped me to get him. I have put her advice into practice immediately and already feel like it was worth paying for. This post does contain an affiliate link, but I did purchase her ebook. I liked it so much I signed up for her affiliate program. If you want to know about a Taurus, and want information that you are not just going to find for free, check out the book. I can’t share all the secrets but I can say, I feel that it was totally worth paying for.