The Magic of Blue Energy

The Magic of Blue Energy

I talk about blue energy on Facebook, on my blogs, and in real life. Anyone that knows me hears about the blue energy, but most people don’t know what it is.  Blue energy is another word for positive energy, but it has a story and the color is significant to me.  I have added my definition of blue energy to Urban Dictionary and it’s catching on.

I have been meditating with a spirit guide for over 20 years. I use creative imagery, which  I learned about from a book many years ago.  I created a mental spirit guide when I was in my twenties.  My spirit guide has helped me throughout my life.  She has changed forms to meet my needs.  She presently is a beautiful gal who wears a blue dress, “the girl in the blue dress”.  I talk to her when I meditate and she is essentially my inner voice.  However, I do not see her as just an imaginary friend.  By meditating I am able to spiritually connect with the Universe and get direction and clarity.

What is blue energy?

The blue energy came to me during meditation.   I am an empath.  Because I am an empath, people tend to come to me for support; and thus, I am constantly being bombarded with negative energy.  I tend to absorb other people’s negative energy, and this drains me of my own energy.  On August 21, 2017 I discovered the blue energy.  I posted about it here on Facebook.  I have meditated for a very long time and was searching for an answer on how to deal with negative energy. My spirit guide provided me with a liquid filled with magic.  Whenever I feel down or need a lift, I go to my head and drink a cup of blue energy. The magic of the energy is that the refills never end. I can go to her any time I need it and get some more.

Now, this magic talk might sound childish or silly, but I have had the signifance of the color blue validated time and time again with random synchronicity.  If you follow me on Facebook, and I hope you will, you will see that magic happens to me all the time.  The latest magic was in the form of this gift of blue energy.

Someone I love sent me a gift in the mail for goddesses.  Now the thing is, this gift wasn’t purposely blue.  It was a gift box for goddesses. When I got it in the mail, I burst into to tears because the timing and the color blue was no coincidence. The Universe made it blue for me. I took this stone and made it into a necklace.

Why is blue so rare?

I love the color blue. There is a reason it is so rare.  It is easy to be a negative person. It takes effort to be positive.  It is hard to be the one that provides the good energy to others, but when you share your positivity with others it is contageous.  I hope to make you a believer in the magic of the blue energy. Pass it on!  #blueenergy